Engines Are A Go!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the first official blog post on “The Overpass” the official blog of A Road Trip to Save the World, hosted and written by creator Georgey Elaine. 

The companion website for A Road Trip to Save the World is finally up and running, though it’s still in its prototype phase. This website is a companion to the audio story A Road Trip to Save the World. In its final form, this website will host the finished episodes of the story as well as concept and character art, promotional artwork and graphics, music, and several peeks into the creation process of the story and behind the scenes of production. 

A blog is the perfect way to display the creation process and production pipeline of this project. It takes a great deal of work to put together and execute a project on this scale, especially as an individual. I think that the production of this story deserves to be chronicled. It’s a story about the creation of a story. 

A Road Trip to Save the World began as an independent study. At first, it was not going to be an audio drama, it was going to be an audiobook of a written piece. Then, it grew until it became a capstone level project which I have worked on for nearly a year. I continue to work on it now in the summer of 2020 and my capstone semester which will be fall 2020. 

As of right now, this website is still in its infant stages. I have not used WordPress before so it will be an interesting learning curve getting this website to look how I envision it for this project. This is my exciting first step towards making the companion site a reality. Stay tuned for more information and updates about this project.

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