The Cast is Here!

Since starting work on this project a year ago, I wasn’t sure where I was going to find the voice cast for this story. I even lent my own voice for the character of Tallulah in the original pilot episode months ago. I was certain I would be begging for new voices to help me with this project, but the voice acting and performance community in Indiana proved me wrong!

I sent out a casting call last week seeking voice talent for almost all major and minor roles. I was pleasantly surprised to get several responses, enough to set up a whole weekend of virtual auditions.

After a tough but amazing weekend of virtual auditions, I am happy to announce the official cast for A Road Trip to Save the World has been decided. There were many talented people who came to virtual auditions this weekend, but only a few who made the cut. It was a tough decision with so many eager and talented people, but I chose based on who I believe best fit each character and would best be able to portray them.

Hearing people not only read the script I wrote, but pour their hearts into auditioning warmed my tired, little heart. I am so excited to move forward with my excellent team of voice talent and bring this story to life.

The voice talent will be meeting virtually for our first cast-wide meeting soon. The dry-read of the script and script rehearsals will take place virtually as well.

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