First Cast Meeting Scheduled

The very first cast meeting for A Road Trip to Save the World has been scheduled for July 29th at 5 PM EST. I’m very excited to introduce the cast members to each other and to have the table read for this project. We will be going over the whole finished script during the read. The script, thus far, is almost finished. There will be no major re-workings or rewriting of the script. I am simply waiting on last minute peer feedback to make sure the script is polished to the best of my capabilities before sending the final version out to the cast.

With summer come to an end and the new semester closing in, I am incredibly proud of the progress I have made thus far on this project. I have completely rewritten the script, added several new scenes and worked on new promotional pieces. I am excited to truly dive into this project with the new semester. I’m excited to be bringing in a cast of talented individuals to work on something that -while imperfect- is near and dear to my heart.

I have been working on this project for over two semesters now and I am incredibly proud of how far it has come. I can only hope it becomes even better as production begins.

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