Episodes 1 & 2 Finished in Preliminary Stages

With the deadline for Capstone quickly approaching no one is perhaps more nervous or more excited than I am for this project to be completed. I am beyond excited to announce that not only is recording officially over, but preliminary editing for episodes 1 and 2, “Blood in the Water” and “Drop in the Bucket” is complete. The only stages left for these two episodes are mastering and final checks, which will happen as I recieved feedback from focus groups listening to my preliminary edits.

I actually began the editing stage of project production with episode two “Drop in the Bucket” as I had not finished recording all of the voices for the background characters in episode 1. I had some very kind and very talented people who gave their time to this project not only as main and side characters but as background voices whose presence truly brought the story to life.

And, of course, I would not be where I am without freesound.org. I want to give a big thanks to freesound for being a wonderful (and free) resource to sound designers everywhere. While I did attempt to gather and record a lot of my own foley work and background sounds for this project, it wasn’t always possible or safe to do so. With COVID cases on the rise, having a group in the sound studio or going out to a crowded place to gather crowd sounds was out of the question.

I am very pleased with the progress that has been made on this project thus far and I cannot wait to share not only the episodes, but this website with the world!

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