What is A Road Trip to Save the World?

A Road Trip to Save the World is a science fiction/adventure story told in five audio episodes. The story follows three siblings, Tallulah, Newlin, and Spring LaPointe.

The LaPointe siblings wake up one summer morning to find all the water on Earth rapidly disappearing. The three undertake a cross-country road trip to avert the oncoming apocalypse. Along the way, they reckon with their relationships with their father, an absentee dad and crazy ‘evil’ scientist who might be connected to this apocalypse. Join the LaPointe siblings as they journey from Indy to LA in a desperate plan to bring back the Earth’s water.

A Road Trip to Save the World features the talents of local voice actresses and actors in Indiana.

How Can I Listen to It?

All five episodes of A Road Trip to Save the World are available to listen to on this website, free of charge. To listen to any of the episodes, visit the “Listen” page. You can access the “Listen” page by licking the button below. Happy listening!

Who Made This?

“The Road Trip to Save the World” is produced, written, directed, and edited by Georgey Elaine. To learn more about Georgey, click the button below!

Meet the Creator!

Where Can I Find More Stuff?

Can’t get enough of A Road Trip to Save the World? Want to see how the project came to life? Creator Georgey Elaine also runs “The Overpass”, the official production and project blog. Check out The Overpass to see production posts, bonus features, and project secrets. You can go to the blog by clicking the button below.

Still can’t get enough? Discover more about the world of A Road Trip to Save the World. View official artwork and graphics, get to know the characters and listen to more official audio. Learn more about the official story world by clicking the button below.

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