Website Has New Official Domain Name

It’s finally here! The companion site for A Road Trip to Save the World now has its official domain name, I am very excited to see the pieces of this project slot together as we enter the final month of production. A big thank you to everyone who has been a part of thisContinue reading “Website Has New Official Domain Name”

Episodes 1 & 2 Finished in Preliminary Stages

With the deadline for Capstone quickly approaching no one is perhaps more nervous or more excited than I am for this project to be completed. I am beyond excited to announce that not only is recording officially over, but preliminary editing for episodes 1 and 2, “Blood in the Water” and “Drop in the Bucket”Continue reading “Episodes 1 & 2 Finished in Preliminary Stages”

Road Trip Spotify Playlist

Grab your headphones and get ready to crank up those jams. Creator Georgey Elaine (Yours Truly) has created a project playlist on spotify. The Spotify playlist includes songs which relate to the events of the story or its characters. I have used this playlist while driving, writing, emailing the cast, setting up the companion website,Continue reading “Road Trip Spotify Playlist”

Official Artwork & Graphics NOW AVAILABLE

Official artwork and graphics created for A Road Trip to Save the World are now available on the Graphics page of the official website. I’m stoked to share some of the stuff I’ve been working on for this project. Along with the new posters and artwork graphics coming out, there is an abundance of oldContinue reading “Official Artwork & Graphics NOW AVAILABLE”