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A Look At Names

Names are more than just names in A Road Trip to Save the World. Names was one of the things I spent a lot of time on during the early development of this project. Every character needed to have the perfect name and the names needed to mean the perfect thing. As a fiction andContinue reading “A Look At Names”

Road Trip Spotify Playlist

Grab your headphones and get ready to crank up those jams. Creator Georgey Elaine (Yours Truly) has created a project playlist on spotify. The Spotify playlist includes songs which relate to the events of the story or its characters. I have used this playlist while driving, writing, emailing the cast, setting up the companion website,Continue reading “Road Trip Spotify Playlist”

The Cast is Here!

Since starting work on this project a year ago, I wasn’t sure where I was going to find the voice cast for this story. I even lent my own voice for the character of Tallulah in the original pilot episode months ago. I was certain I would be begging for new voices to help meContinue reading “The Cast is Here!”

Engines Are A Go!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the first official blog post on “The Overpass” the official blog of A Road Trip to Save the World, hosted and written by creator Georgey Elaine.  The companion website for A Road Trip to Save the World is finally up and running, though it’s still in its prototype phase. This websiteContinue reading “Engines Are A Go!”

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