The World

The Road Trip to Save the World is more than five recorded episodes, it’s a multi-media story. Here you can discover and enjoy all that the world of The Road Trip to Save the World offers.


Feast your eyes on official graphics and promo posters.


To listen to all five of the story’s episodes, click on “Listen” on the main menu.

Main Theme – A Road Trip to Save the World

See the Road Trip!

View the real life road trip that was used to chart the story.

Party at the Overpass

Check out “The Overpass”, the official project blog for A Road Trip to Save the World. The blog is run and written by creator Georgey Elaine.

Check Out the Cast

Meet the official cast who lent their brilliant voices to bring the story to life.

Meet the Creator

Meet the creator behind this wacky road trip and other amazing projects.

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